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Mudra Yoga

Mudra Yoga

Mudra Yoga The Science of Mudras provides the safest and the most convenient, easy to do hand Mudras, both for prevention as well as for the healing od diseases. With five fingers of our hands we can magically affect the body's metabolism and that too without spending a single extra minite.

It is a free gift from God Almighty. Just as God gives us Sun, Moon, Wind, Water, earth, planets etc for our upkeep; He has also replicated the same set of free gifts in our hands also.

Practicing of Mudras does not involve any time consuming exercises, and does not involve any equipment at all. Mudras have only healing effects and no side effects at all. Mudras for all efforts like - Mudras for birth, Mudras for growth of mind and body, Mudras for mental tension,

Mudras for obesity, for headache, angina, heart disease, muscular or bone pains, kidney / urinary problems, stomach disorders, deafness, sinusitis, colitis, prostate, pleurisy etc.

There are Mudras for improving memory and concentration, for improving efficiency, for gaining height and physical strength, for women's menstrual problems etc

The fingers of our hands are divine pharmacy. It will work as a supplementary supports along with siddha clinical practice.

Prana Yoga

Whereas a more typical vacation gives little rest to body, mind and senses, the Deva Vidya Vasi (Prana) Yoga program is designed to recharge your Pranic (energetic) batteries as well as to truly rejuvenate your body and mind.

Bring your Siddha practice to the supernatural energy level by learning the secrets of prana.

We will explore time tested techniques based on Siddhar Yogic practices while incorporating ideas from Modern Psychology that will allow you to grow and succeed as a Person with supenatural powers living in the modern world. Research on it takes to ancient scripts on "palm leaf manuscripts".

By the practice of Prana Yoga and Chakra Dhyana when the awakened Kundalini moves upwards, the shower of nectar flows copiously. The Yogi enjoys this which keeps him away from all sensual pleasures. By the whole process of the Kundalini Yoga Sadhana, the body of the Yogi attains very subtle state of the spiritual Consciousness. The Yogi realises the oneness of the macrocosm and the microcosm. Because, the Kundalini Shakti has reached the Sahasrara or the thousand-petalled lotus and has become united with Siva, the Yogi enjoys the Super natural energy. This practice will help for arouse Extra Sensory Perception (ESP)

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Sidhas call their Yoga as Vasi Yogam...

Sidhas call their Yoga as Vasi Yogam...

கண்டம் கட்டி அண்டம் காத்த நீல மங்கை வலத்திலே
ஆலம் உண்ட கால கண்டன் நீயும் என்னை அணைத்திலாய்!
செல்வம் தந்து செருக்கு ஏற்றும் ஸ்ரீயை மார்பில் கொண்டுள
வெண்ணை திருடி உண்ட பாலன் நீயும் என்னை அணைத்திலாய்!

நாயோட்டு மந்திரம் நமனை வெல்லும் என்பரே!
நாயோட்டு மந்திரம் இந்நாய்க்கு மிக உகந்ததே!
நாயோட்டு மந்திரம் நாயேன்யான் விட்டிலேன்!
நாயோட்டு மந்திரம் இந் நாயை வீடு சேர்க்குமே!

First line above is borrowed from Thirumandiram, Nayottu mandiram is "Chi" (thats how you drive a dog away and this is Maha Karana Panchaksharam)

வானரம் போல் நான் இருக்க வான் அறம் போல் நீ இரு!
குட்டி தன்னை கவ்விச் செல்லும் தாய் பூனை போல நீ இரு!
நினைவாலே முட்டைகளை அடை காக்கும் தாயாமை போல நீ இரு!
என் வினையும் என் வினையோ? வினை பயனும் ஓர் பயனோ!
எவ்வினாக்கும் ஓர் விடை தான்! உன் வினை தான்! அதன் பயன் தான்!
என் உள்ளே ஒளிந்திட்டு எல்லாமும் செய்வித்தாய்! இதையும் நீ சொல்வித்தாய்!
அம்பலத்தில் ஆடுவோனும்அரங்கத்தில் துயிலுவோனும் ஓர் வித்தின் இரு வடிவே உணராது வாழ்ந்தேன் நான்!
ஆடி அடங்கும் வாழ்க்கையில் நாடி ஓடி தேடினேன் ! தேடி தேடி வாடினேன்!
வினை இல்லா வித்தே நீ! வாடும் என்னை நாடிடு ! தேடும் என்னில் சேர்ந்திடு!
"நான்" இல்லா நானும் நீ, ஆதியந்தமாயிருக்கும் எல்லாமும் நீயே!

There are 2 Nyayas discussed in our Indian philosophy which explains the way to approach god. One is the monkey's way - If you have seen the baby monkey it holds on to its mother tightly and mother shall jump from tree to tree and it shall not hold its baby. We can get attached to god that way and not leave god under any circumstances. The other way is the Cat's way (Marakara Nyaya) - the mother cat carries its kitten with its mouth holding its neck and takes it to safety. Here the kitten does not do anything. So the above phrase says that i shall be like monkey holding on to you but you (God) be like a cat and treat me like a kitten.

Also there are 3 interesting types of birth discussed in most of the literatures:
1. Tortoise - It lays eggs in the shore, buries it, goes to the sea and swims. But the mother tortoise always thinks about the eggs and incubates the eggs with its thoughts. Just thoughts!, thats how the eggs are hatched. Think and deliver! Amazing isnt?
2. Fish - It lays eggs and just keeps on watching the eggs and incubates them with their eyes!... See and Deliver! Can you correlate why goddess Meenakshi is named so?
3. The metamorphosis of larva to a fly. Here the mother fly keeps banging its face against the larva and converts them from larva to fly. Again think, act and deliver!.
I have used just the 1st aspect in the para above.

Can we do Vasi Yogam

Can we do Vasi Yogam for Longer Period 

What is Vasi Yogam ?
In Pathanjali's Yoga Soothra -
Vasi yogam means inhaling the air by one side of the nose
and get back the air to another nose.
In this system your mind thinking that Moolaathaara Sakra is moving to upward.
It is absolutely imagination of our mind.
Moolaathaaram to aangjai all the stages are getting only by your mind's imagination.
In Vasi yogam your breathing system will be purified.
But you lose your life level. why because all our life level is attached with our breathing level.
Also waste your pranan.
In Tamil language Breathing Air is Prana Vaivu.
This air helps to life - live long time.
In Vasi yogam we lose our prana vaivu.

In Sithar maargam
they are also telling about Vasi Yogam.
But it is different from Pathanjali's Yoga System
They are telling that inhale the air by right side of the nose.
Push it to Head by slowly.
In our human body 9 holes are seems to be there.
but there is another hole is there in our body.
It is upside of the mouth.
This is the secret path.
That path is the way to send the prana Vaivu to head.
Then the prana vaivu not return back.
It is mingled with Pranan.
It helps your mind to inner conciuosness.
The mind not go around the outer conciuosness.
This makes very easy to meditate and way to feel or see sit pranan that is Athma.

Vasi Yogam

Vasi Yogam 

Vasi yogam, is the advanced type of pranayama. It is not breathing through the nostrills. It is a form of inner breathing. By this method your breath is at the initial stages hitting the pineal gland and activating it. At present the pineal gland is secreating seratonin, it has got 2 functions, it will make you go to sleep, it will give you the sense of place and time.

Both these senses are essential for worldly activities. But the same advantages become disadvantages in the inner practice of yoga and meditation. The conquest of sleep and the limitations of time and space is called spirituality. So when you are practising vasi yoga, slowly the secretion of the seratonin will dwindle and melatonin will start secreting then you will easily enter into the inner domain of meditation. The yoga literature of the world have gone only so far, but vallalar says there is one more stage then your spirit will start secreting nectar or amrita by imbibing this nectar, the physical body will be transformed into a pure body or sutha deha.

But these are the effects of vasi yoga. As for the process of doing it, it should be learnt directly from a teacher who has already learnt it. Because it cannot be taught online.

This is a dangerous practice. Instead of going through the 8 limbs of pathanjali yoga, the siddhas have devised a short cut to attaining samathi, the last stage of yoga.
If you do it in the wrong way, you might have breathing trouble. you might even have headache and other side effects.More over your consciousness could get locked in. That is why this is not taught online or by book.

So please don't mistake me. If you could come in person I will teach you.

There is no bar, provided you are a vegetarian. For 1 year you should not have taken any kind of non-vegitarian food including eggs. If this condition is fullfilled anyone could learn vasi yoga.
Otherwise the curse of the siddhas will be upon my head., I believe you would not like it.

Vasi yoga is the most advanced type of pranayama. At the final stage your external breath would be suspended and the inner breath will be initiated by the Lord, says swami Ramalinga Vallalar.

" வாசி நடத்தி தருவாண்டி - ஒரு
வாசியிலே இங்கு வருவாண்டி "

Secret Yogic Breath -Vasi -Dr.VS.Suresh FRHS,Phd.,

Secret Yogic Breath -Vasi

Valmiki Siddhar – ‘Sutra Jnanam’
2.”Vandhadhuvum ponadhuvum vasi ahum
 What had come and what had gone is Vasi
What we are now in this eternal moment is the sacred Divine Breath, Vasi!
     Vaanil varum Ravi Madhiyum vasi ahum
      The sun and the moon that come in the sky is vasi
What leads us to the infinite mind of the universe, through Ida and Pingala
(the twin energy of Mother Kundalini), the left and right breath is 
this sacred Divine Breath, Vasi!
     Chindai thellindhu iruppavan Siddhan
     The one whose mind is crystal-clear is the Siddhar
The One who posses this infinite universal 
mind is the Perfected Being, the Siddhar
     Jagamellam Sivam endrae arindhon Siddhan
     The Siddhar is one who realizes that the cosmos in its entirety is Siva
Realizing all the living in the Universe as Sacred- as Siva, the Absolute is the Siddhar
     Nandhi endra vahanamae sthula deham
     The gross (physical body is none other than Siva the vehicle
Recognizing the physical body we are in as the Guru, the vehicle
     Naan muhanae kaan mooku sevi naaku aahum
     The eyes nose ears and the tongue are none other than Brahma (the ‘four-faced one’)
What is our ego is the the Creator Brahma- the senses of four and one perceived.
     Nandhi muhan Siva-Sakthi Thiru moochaahum
     The divine-breath is none other than the divine human-faced Siva-Sakti
The transforming Divine Breath of Vasi as the
 Divine Human (the Perfected Guru) is Siva and Sakthi.
     Thanthai Thaai Ravi madhi endru arindhu kollae
     Realize that the sun and moon are the Father and Mother!”
In the Divine Breath (within the Kundalini Energy) of the Sun and the 
Moon realize our Father (the Infinite Absolute) and our Mother 
(Energy and Perception)!!!
Secret Yogic Breath- Vasi
Sacred words of Siddhar Kongananathar:
"Vasi pallakham ariya venum mattrum
Literal translation: The functioning of the vibrant-breath should be realized,further
Insight: Gain the ultimate realization through knowing the secret breath- "VaSi"
"Mandala veeduhal katta venum"
Literal translation: The mandala (spheres – chandra,surya,agni mandalas)houses should be built
Insight: In the infinite space, all is manifested.
"Nasi vallhi kondu yogamum vasiyum"
Literal translation: Through the nasal-passage,yoga(integration)and vasi(pranayama)
Insight: The sacred union of dissolving to be One is through breath utilizing the science of breath, Vasi
"Nattathhi paradi vallai pennae!"
Literal translation: See the yearning,lady Kundalini!”
Insight: Our awakened subtle kundalini reveals"
Sacred words of Siddhar Vanmeeganathar (Sage Valmiki)

" Vandhadhuvum ponadhuvum vasi ahum
Literal translation: What had come and what had gone is Vasi
Insight: What we are now in this eternal moment is the sacred Divine Breath, 

Vasi that is infinite void mind.
Vaanil varum Ravi Madhiyum vasi ahum
Literal translation: The sun and the moon that come in the sky is vasi
Insight: What leads us to the infinite mind of One, 

through Ida and Pingala (the twin energy of Mother Kundalini), 
the left and right breath is this sacred Divine Breath, Vasi!
Chindai thellindhu iruppavan Siddhan
Literal translation: The one whose mind is crystal-clear is the Siddhar
Insight: The One who posses this infinite universal mind of clarity is the Perfected Being, the Siddhar
Jagamellam Sivam endrae arindhon Siddhan
Literal translation: The Siddhar is one who realizes that the cosmos in its entirety is Siva
Insight: Realizing all the living as Sacred- as the essence of God is the Siddhar
Nandhi endra vahanamae sthula deham
Literal translation: The gross (physical body is none other than Siva the vehicle
Insight: Our physical body enshrines the spirit and this physical body of 

human is the ascending and guided vehicle towards the divine.
Naan muhanae kaan mooku sevi naaku aahum
Literal translation: The eyes nose ears and the tongue are none

 other than Brahma (the ‘four-faced one’)
Insight: Being One, perceive our senses as Brahma, the Four Headed Creator, karma
Nandhi muhan Siva-Sakthi Thiru moochaahum
Literal translation: The divine-breath is none other than the divine human-faced Siva-Sakti
Insight: Grace of the Guru enables the awakened kundalini to be lead to

 samadhi through Vasi, the sacred breath. This sacred tantric union of siva and sakthi is oneness.
Thanthai Thaai Ravi madhi endru arindhu kollae
Literal translation: Realize that the sun and moon are the Father and Mother!”
Insight: Through the Sacred Breath (of the awakened Kundalini) realize our

 Father (the Infinite Absolute) and our Mother (Energy and Perception)!!! "

translated from ancient tamil to english by the grace of our 
seniors- suresh and adiyen nandhi
with folded hands!
Invoke the Masters, our new album:
Listen to the Vasi Mantra and experience the energies of VASI:The mantra:

Si Va Ya Na Ma
Ya Na Va Si Ma
Ma Va Ya Na Si
Si Ya Na Ma Va
Va Si Ma Ya Na
Vasi Ma Ya Na Aum
Vasi Ma Ya Na Aum
Vasi Ma Ya Na Aum
Vasi Ma Ya Na Aum
Vasi Ma Ya Na Aum 





On Monday 15 February 2010, Auradefence International launched its product ranges at an international event, held in Cape Town, South Africa, recently.   The event was attended by members of the media, as well as the general public and students.  Uthaya Kumar, a well-known DJ and radio and television personality from Malaysia, presented an informative and interesting presentation on Auradefence and its unique range of products. The flagship of the product range is Inner Nectar – a unique and rare product based on ancient Siddha wisdom and practise.
Inner Nectar is a pre-Kaya Kalpa medicine which leads to Arokia Deham (the healthy and diseaseless body). A healthy body is essential for spiritual growth and a healthy soul.  Kaya Kalpa refers to the fortification and strengthening of the body and its energetic system.   Inner Nectar has been proved to purify the physical body and its energetic system.  It is used in conjunction with Vasi Yogam and a mantra.
The physical benefits of Inner Nectar are :
  • elimination of free radicals from the body, thus preventing cell and organ damage caused by toxins found in free radicals.
  • cleanses all nadi’s in the body’s energetic system
  • prevents and removes acidic build-up in the body’s joints
  • increases the Base Metabolic Rate of the body and leads to weight-loss
  • balances the three doshas Vata, Pitta and Kapha
  • reduces high blood pressure
  • restores hormone balance
  • improves blood circulation
  • improves thyroid function
Inner Nectar is made from 42 herbs and honey.  These herbs are harvested by indigenous peoples living in the deep jungels of Asia.  They harvest these plants in a sacred and worshipful way, honouring the life force and divinity of each plant.  These plants are not planted or farmed for their properties; they are growing naturally in the jungles and only a very limited amount may be harvested otherwise it will disturb the natural balance of the jungles.
The energy of the Inner Nectar is infused in a secret ritual, which involves fasting and many hours mantra and meditation by living Siddha masters.
Inner Nectar is truly priceless.
The power of Inner Nectar lies in its ancient wisdom of :
- the secret and powerful herbs
- the use of Vasi Yogam with the herbs
- the mantra diksha that is applied while taking the product.
The herbal mixture alone will not be effective without specific body regulation and the infusion of secret energy of prana through the Mantra Diksha.  The combination of the three step system, and with additional siddhar spiritual practise based on the teachings and practises of Swami Ramalinga and Arutperumjothi,  will result in perfect health and eventually Kaya Kalpa (complete body renewal).
The herbal mixture will balance the three doshas of Vata, Pitta and Kapha.  The rare and detoxifying herbs will cleanse the body from the accummulated toxins.  Vasi Yogam is the source for the Prana or vital energy. The Mantra Diksha will activate the chakras and the spiritual energy that will implement and assist the overall process. The vibrations of the living green plant was captured by the Siddha masters into the mantra, before the drying process.  Thus, when Inner Nectar is ingested, with the mantra, you are taking in the power and energy of the raw herbs as traditionally prescribed and prepared by Siddha practitioner.
This is what distinguishes the production process of Inner Nectar from other Siddha medicines.
This is a unique one-of-a-kind rare product containing extremely rare herbs, harvested in their natural habitat in virgin forests in the East. Added to that is the rarified and high vibrational spiritual energy of the Siddha. This energy is infused into the herbs through an ancient, secret and extremely powerful method, only known to the living Siddha. The method of infusing this product results in a rare product that carries the full vibration of both the natural herb and the Divine Consciousness. Considering the rarity of some of the herbal content, and the lengthy energetic process, production is very limited.
This product, combining simple Vasi Yogam and Mantra Diksha will restore and transform the body into a healthy organism. Some of the major diseases will be cured or brought under control, like diabetes and high blood pressure. It will also improve blood circulation, is excellent for detoxification and restores the entire energy system.

Basic Information and Description:
1. A natural health supplementary product, consisting of 42 herbs and pure honey.
2. Free from added sugars, fats, colouring, chemicals, drugs and flavour.
Background of the Siddha Medicine System
The Siddha system of medicine can be described as the age-old traditional medical system from TamilNadu, South India. Practiced for over 3000 years by the Siddhars, the ancient holy sages, Siddha medicine is the oldest medical system and forms the base for other medical systems around the world.
The Siddha tradition is based on the philosophy of the Light Body (the Sudha Deham).  The first step is the Kaya Kalpa diksha which will strengthen and fortify the body and its immune system.  Through certain practises, such as Inner Power by Auradefence, and certain diksha, the Kaya Kalpa energy grows and manifests the Arokia Deham, the diseaseless body.  The Arokia Deham prepares the way for the Suddha Deham, the Body of Light.
The word Siddha comes from the word “Siddhi”, which literally means “attainment, perfection or heavenly bliss”. The ancient Siddhars were far removed from religion and materialistic life. Through their state of eternal bliss, intuition and experience, they formulated several thousand different medicinal combinations made from herbs, herbal-mineral compounds and even from animal derivatives for alleviating disease. This was part of the natural focus and lifestyle of the Tamil culture and community.
The Siddha system has both preventive and curative treatments. Preventive treatments include the Kaya Kalpa medicines. These Kaya Kalpa medicines counter degenerative changes, which lead to aging, through the natural antioxidant activity of the herbs. The Siddha system teaches us “to live with and in harmony with nature”. Practicing Siddha medicine is an art rather than a profession.
According to the Siddha medicine system, various psychological and physiological functions of the body are attributed to the combination of six elements:
  1. Saram (plasma): responsible for nourishment, growth and development.
  2. Cheneer (blood): responsible for nourishing muscles, imparting colour and improving intellect.
  3. Oounkollzuppu (fatty tissue): responsible for oil balance and joint lubrication.
  4. Enbu (bone): responsible for body structure, posture and movement.
  5. Moolai (nerve): responsible for strength.
  6. Sukila (semen): responsible for reproduction.
Similar to the Ayurveda system, the Siddha medicine system also classifies the physiological components of human beings as Vatha (air), Pitha (fire) and Kapha (earth and water).
Disease is created when the normal equilibrium of three doshas (or humours); Vatha, Pitha and Kapha is disturbed. The factors, which affect this equilibrium, include the following: environmental, climatic conditions, diet, physical activities and stress. Under normal conditions the ratio between these three doshas (humours) Vatha, Pitha and Kapha is 4:2:1 respectively.
According to the Siddha medicine system, diet and lifestyle play a major role, not only in sustaining a healthy equilibrium, but also in curing diseases. This concept of the Siddha medicine is termed as pathya and apathya, which is essentially a list of do’s and don’ts.
Based on the above, AuraDefence manufactured a pre-Kaya Kalpa medicine that functions as a cleanser, detoxifier and rejuvenator. This basic system utilizes restorative herbs and specific Vasi Yogam (a form of inner breathing) and is then infused with vitality energy creating a holistic approach. The aim is a healthy body moving towards the Arokia Deham (The Disease-less body).
AuraDefence does not believe that this herbal mixture alone will be effective without specific body regulation and the infusion of secret energy of prana through the Mantra Diksha. The combination of this 3-step system will result in perfect health and eventually Kaya Kalpa (Complete Body Renewal).
AuraDefence advocates the following systems:
  1. Herbal mixture that balances the 3 doshas: Vatha, Pitha and Kapha.
  2. Rare detoxifying herbs that cleanse the body from the accumulated toxins.
  3. Vasi Yogam as source for Prana or vital energy.Mantra Diksha to activate the chakras and spiritual energy that assist the overall process.